Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a creep!

A few days ago at school a friend of mine got in a fight in P.E. it was girls and guys basketball and I was playing basketball when I  heard shouting, I turned around and saw a boy turn a punch at my friend, J. J was ready to fight back when the Sub came up and broke up the fight, that's when the kid who started it starting being a kiss-up (He does this to every teacher, he is the worst kid in class) and saying he was sorry and he didn't try to punch J and all that crap. After class I asked R what had happened, he said that in the game J had missed the ball and that kid got mad and threw a punch, I said "Did he go to the principle?" R says "No, he got away with it". It turns out that the kid continues this stuff in the boy's locker room, until one of his friends told him "If you don't stop, not only will I stop being your friend, but I will kick your @$$" . So after school I told my mom and she told me to tell the school counselor, so I did. Now the P.E teacher puts the WWE Smack Down on the kid if he tries to fight other kids again.

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