Sunday, September 20, 2009

UPDATE! School is fun!

okay so I have been in school for 4 whole days! And there's this one kid who is next to me, behind me or we're sharing a desk in every class except for Science. I guess it's a good thing that we have things in conmen and that we don't hate each other, but he's a DUDE! So when I told my friends they were like "So do you like him?" or "Is he cute?" and I'm all like "Eww! No! I don't like him, but he is cute" and his name is *Bleep* *Me talking in a tough guy voice* Due to safety reason (and probably some copyright laws) we are not aloud to show his name *Back to normal* Well, that was weird, Can I show the first letter of his name? *Tough guy voice* Uh, sure *Back to normal* Okay his name is R (Don't say his real name J! or E!) Wow, this is the longest post that I have written!

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