Saturday, August 15, 2009

Would you read this if it was a book series?

Okay so if this was a book would you read it?
Team Chaos is a group of 17 butt-kicking(exsuse the language) kids from Mobius. All of them are differnet ages and species (the characters are humiod animals) here's the list of characters (i will get the pics later, to lazy to do it know = P)
Angel the Bunny-fighter/F
April the Echidna-fighter/F
Death the Bat-fighter/M
Destiny the Fox-scientist/fighter/F
Emma the Hedgehog-strategist/fighter/F
Ice the Hedgehog-fighter/F
Jenna the Bat-fighter/F
June the Hedgehog-fighter/F
Mark the Cat-strategist/fighter/M
Rebel the Echidna-fighter/M
Rouge the Cat-spy/fighter/F
Sam the Hedgehog-fighter/M
Sari the Cat-mechanic/fighter/F
Shade the Fox-spy/fighter/F
Shadix the Hedgehog-fighter/F
Zeke the Bat-fighter/M
Zinthos the Hedgehog-leader/fighter/M
Shawnie the Hedgebat-extra hand/fighter/F
and while your siting here reading my list you might think 'Who's a female and who's a male?" After their names is their rank and after that is a letter that is the gender letter (ya know, F for Female and M for Male?)
so please tell me if you would read this if it was a book series

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