Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just revcived the Krativ Blog Award from my mother(I guess she was right that hard work pays off, who would've guessed?) so I guess that i must say 7 things about me
(1)I am a crazy Sonic Fangirl amd I will admit it!!! I love him and his being blue and his speediness and all that stuff
(2)I love art! I love doodling and drawing and arts n crafts!
(3)I love the color BLUE! BLUE! In fact my theme song is "I'm blue"
(4)I can write really good stories! Infact I must work on posting them here
(5)I LOVE BEING RANDOM!!!!! I will walk in a room and start making sound affects IT'S THE GOST OF URTHER PENDRAGON! See what I mean?
(6)I LOVE MY FAT KITTY! I love his fluffliness and his regalness and his handsomness and his fattiness and I like calling him Mr.Snooky Wooky Chow Main and I call him Dr.Rabbit (for some odd reason)
(7) I love reading Sonic Comics books! I mean the art is magnifescent!
and now I will give the award to some other people
~Jessica at Jessica's blog! Because she just puts the most amazing stuff on her blog
~Nothingbutlettuce at Nothing but lettuce she is willing to go 30 days on a lettuce diet! That takes will power(in my case)!
I think that's it,bye!

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